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It's great to be back at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanic Garden!

It is fantastic to be back to Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanic Garden! And this time with the aim of designing new training programmes environmental education, thanks to the British Council funding. With no time to loose, Yang Xi and I have started to outline the learning objectives of a two-week course to run in August. This blog space will provide a space for the project team (but mostly Yang Xi and I) to document our experiences of developing training programmes in both Wales and China.

XTBG (easier than trying to saying Xishuangbanna all the time) is a stunning garden and provides inspiration places to sit and think, outside of the office. Right now, I am sitting on a small bench, using a log as a desk, under a pagoda and overlooking one of the world most diverse palm collections. Huge butterflies are flitting around, numerous bird species are calling, there is a continuous hum of cicadas and a skink of some sort just zoomed across the wooden handrail. This place is magical, and provides a wonderful location to host the training course in August. Check back to see some photos of our first training course within the ‘Two Dragons’ partnership and to read about the challenges and successes we faced.



中国植物园联盟主办的第二届环境教育研究培训班就要开始了,我作为培训主管,主要工作就是协调培训班的各项后勤事务,选学员、发通知、联系食住 行……琐碎而忙碌。但是在这个培训班中我的角色不只是一个服务者,还需要贡献我对环境教育的理解和热情,因为我的硕士专业就是环境教育。我理解环境教育在 植物园中的重要性,也明白中国植物园环境教育还非常薄弱。如何通过短短两周的培训时间,让学员认识到环境教育的重要和无限的可能性,如何让他们带着知识、 憧憬、热情回到自己的植物园中,继续从事环境教育工作——这些都是我们需要思考的。

我很高兴,这个培训班拥有一个热爱环境教育研究的教师团队。陈进教授(中国植物园联盟理事长、西双版纳热带植物园主任)、Sophie Williams(英国班戈大学讲师)、Shaun Russell(威尔士环境研究中心主任)、王西敏(西双版纳热带植物园科普教育组组长)。就是他们,会为了培训班的课程设置反复讨论,会在培训班每晚课 程结束后继续开会讨论第二天的课程内容,他们珍惜上一期培训班学员的每一个珍贵意见,在这一期培训中进行调整和改善。看着他们在为这期培训所做的努力,我 相信这次一定又会是一次成功的培训。我期待着8月5日的来临!

Publication date: 6 August 2014

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