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Blog: February 2015

Learning and working at XTBG

Faith Jones

I realised it was about time I wrote about the work I have been doing here at XTBG

Publication date: 24 February 2015

Where will the children play?

Katie Breneol

What will become of a generation of children who no longer can be found running in the meadows, making mud pies, climbing trees or collecting insects? What will the world look like when these little ones grow and begin making political decisions? What will their values be? Where will nature be found?

Publication date: 21 February 2015

Elephant Skin

Samuel Herniman

If you have ever had the urge to have some elephant skin displayed on your mantelpiece, Xishuangbanna is the place to go.

Publication date: 12 February 2015

Here in China

Katie Breneol

My first impressions of China had been laced with cold, futuristic buildings and layers of smog. Of course there is more to my quick judgements but these were just my thoughts at face value ...

Publication date: 11 February 2015



Publication date: 11 February 2015

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